Life is Good – What? No Fish!?

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What? No Fish!?

IMG_1795 Local catch by a private fisherman

Anyone know why my friends in the restaurant business can’t find fresh Hawaiian ahi? There seems to be almost no fresh local tuna for sale at least not from the wholesale sources to restaurants who have ordered daily seafood deliveries for years. Maybe if you go down to United Fishing you can buy a good whole fish but response from the wholesalers who provide pre-cut and cleaned fish to many restaurants in town is that “People just don’t realize that local fish in Hawaiian waters has become more and more scarce. The day is coming when we won’t see any local fish. Get used to imported fish.”

My friend says that this morning he finally found ahi at another wholesale house but for three times! the usual price and Opakapaka is around $15/lb which means for us it’s like close to $28/ and a filet would be more than the finest cut of filet mignon. Gosh that’s more than Maine lobster. What’s happening in our Hawaiian waters?

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