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Watch This

A must-see video from NBCActionNews for all Moms and Dads — and anyone with a Smartphone who takes photos. I take lots of pics with my iPhone, share them on Pacific Network’s Connections, facebook pages, tweet them, and often send to friends especially when I’m traveling and pickup a shot that I want to share. To my surprise, and isn’t this always the case, the most obvious is often times the most elusive — having your GPS setting “on” poses privacy risks that may be far more detrimental than just getting hacked or burned by criminal activity like identity theft. Learn how to control GPS and prevent people from tracking your child’s photo with his/her location like what school, where’s home, and when does she stop at her favorite fast food diner or playground. To all, this is a must -see. You may not engage in internet posting or utilize any of the apps on your cell phone but if you’re living in the 21st century you ought to understand how this works.

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