Top Ten Worst Destinations

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Do you ever wonder what happens to old cell phones, computers, TVs, drives, and broken electronic equipment when they’re trashed? If you’re anywhere in Europe, think Agbogbloshie, Africa, the most toxic E-waste dump site next only to Chernobyl and Noil’sk, Russia in terms of pollution. Recently the Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland compiled new rankings from over 2,000 sites in 49 countries, estimating toxic pollution levels that endanger 200 million human beings and other living creatures who reside in those parts of the world. Though their Top Ten doesn’t include Anywhere U.S., Japan or western Europe, much of the pollution comes from production of raw materials for consumer goods that these affluent countries consume. In Bangladesh (#5) tanneries provide leather for Italian shoes sold in Zurich, Paris and New York City. In Agbogbloshie (#1) people are so poor that they burn insulated electrical cables for the copper they can sell while lead and other heavy metals are released in the process. All the Top Ten sites are pretty much in developing countries because they do the dirty work for the rest of us or they’re willing to take our trash, the waste from richer nations of the world. When will we wake up and realize that what we do on the “other side of the globe” when we mine, pollute, dump, rape and strip Mother Earth is only going to reach us sooner or later? Life is Good… only if we are mindful.

1. Agbogbloshie, Ghana – E-Waste
2. Chernobyl, Ukraine – Nuclear accident
3. Citarum River Basin, Indonesia – Industrial and domestic pollution
4. Dzerzhinsk, Russia – Chemical manufacturing
5. Hazribagh, Bangladesh – Tanneries
6. Kabwe, Zambia – Lead mining
7. Kalimantan, Indonesia – Gold mining
8. Matanza Riacheulo, Argentina – Industrial pollution
9. Niger River Delta, Nigeria – Oil spills
10. Noril’sk, Russia – Mining and smelting

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