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Stop Elephant Abuse
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Here is a sample letter to GROUPON to ask them to stop offering discounted tickets to ciruses that have been cited for abuse. Those include “Circus Gatti” which was reportedly cited by the USDA just last year for unsafe conditions that put kids and animals at risk. It is not ethical nor humane for a company to profit from circus acts that beat, chain, and confine elephants and big cats. This is wrong. They are wild animals. I just signed the following petition addressed to: Groupon. Visit this site and you can read more and submit your petition:


Stop Supporting Elephant Abuse. I’m upset that you are making money from elephant abuse.

Do you know what a bullhook is? Do you know these are wild animals? Please use this opportunity to show your true vision to being an innovative business. Set a positive example of how animal cruelty will not be tolerated. Every animal advocacy organization opposes circuses that use animals. But so do a great many of us – your regular customers. Your business has the chance to either do the right thing or lose members.
Please choose the compassionate way to do business.


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