Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill Signed by Gov!

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Hawaii Gov Neil Abercrombie signs SB1520, the Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill, recognizing Native Hawaiian people as "the only indigenous, aboriginal, maoli people of Hawai’i

We thought we’d re-broadcast this video clip right about now since it’s election season and we’d like to reprieve a few clips we think are interesting. SB1520 was signed by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie. This historic bill recognizes the Native Hawaiian people as the “only indigenous, aboriginal, maoli people of Hawaii”. This action works in concert with a future Hawaii Congressional push toward federal recognition of Native Hawaiians and the pending dissolution of Office of Hawaiian Affairs and creation of a new entity that will represent the Native people of Hawaii. Congratulations to the Hawaii Maoli who worked on this legislation.
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  1. Now with Abercrombie voted out of office and a new Governor in for 2015, wondering if the gay marriage and native bills will survive this upcoming legislature.

  2. Native issues seem to often be about land and their not having any of it in their own original homeland. Brazil is going through that controversy prior to the Olympics with the displacement of native tribal people to accommodate the event. Even if you are dispassionate and feel that native people should not receive any special consideration, we need to remember that they often retain amazing knowledge of folk medicines, how to survive in nature, key information that might help us sustain ourselves when the stuff hits the fan.

  3. What do you think this will represent @ the national level? Will natives get where they want to be or will status quo still exist. I really do hope this goes up there in our presidents hands…

  4. This is a BIG win for the local Hawaiian Community! Please feature more about Gov. Neil in his campaign…thanks!

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