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Save Haleiwa Park

This letter sent by Rexann Dubiel, a teacher at Sunset Elementary School and resident of the North Shore for more than 25 years. I am in full agreement with her and many residents whose children ask to grow up with some remaining open undeveloped spaces. Please OPPOSE Resolution 12-143. Mahalo.

Dear Councilmember,

I am in support of keeping the park next to Jameson’s in Haleiwa in the hands of the people, Resolution 12-143. That land belongs to the Citizens of Hawaii.

I am sorely disappointed that this has even become a resolution. That park is used by North Shore Canoe Clubs as well as paddlers around the island, fisherman, swimmers, community residents, and visitors. It would be a crime to sell it to a developer at the expense of the people.

Also, have you looked into the drop in the value of the land in the last two years? That remnant parcel was valued at 2.7 million and now it’s worth about $80,000. What gives? Is the City for sale to the highest bidder? (For documentation, see the article below my signature.) Who will stand up for the people unless you do—it’s your job to stand up for us, to represent us.

It’s your job to keep park lands in the people’s hands.

Rexann Dubiel
Teacher, Sunset Beach Elementary (24 years)
Vice President, North Shore Outdoor Circle (20+ years)
Former Liaison from Sunset Beach to Rep. Michael Magaoay (3 legislative sessions)

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