Life is Good – Rained Out?

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Rained Out?

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When I lived in Mill Valley just across the Golden Gate Brigde from San Francisco, the entire
Bay Area had rain for over two months. Hard driving rain that one day turned to snow. It was like the world had tipped upside down. People weren’t prepared for this kind of weather, thousands of commuters got caught in hours of congested traffic, flooded homes and driveways, roads closed, and the constant gray skies made for some pretty sad residents. We all got water logged.

So, on this 5th day? of hard rain and bad weather in the island, this is for all of us. Hoping these photos will bring a smile and help to get you through the day. My sister’s 15 year old son, Cook, found these pics. If you’ve got any shots of your pet wearing a good toupee or even just a mini-wig please feel free to send to us!

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“Sonny & Cher”

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