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Nation of Waste

Nation of Waste could refer to a myriad topics, like how we Americans waste precious resources like fresh water or the average number of hours per day that we spend watching television or the countless hours our children devote to playing video games… but a new study reveals that while millions of people in other parts of the world struggle with starvation, we Americans are busy throwing away 40 percent of our food every year? That’s about $2275 worth of food per family each year, as per the Washington Post report from the new Natural Resources Defense Council, “These wasteful tendencies have worsened over time, with the average American dumping 10 times as much food as a consumer in Southeast Asia, up 50 percent from the 1970s.”
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What is wrong with this picture? Life is good but we seem to desire more and more. More stuff to load up into our extra jumbo sized shopping carts we then have to load in to our big extra wide SUVs full of the stuff that will pack our refrigerators and freezers, our cupboards and our garages and here in Hawaii? Let’s not forget that extra freezer on the patio we have to fill with … more stuff. If we’re part of that 40 percent waste factor why not consider changing our daily habits. If it’s too hard to cut back on buying food to store for the future because we’re all so paranoid that there’ll be a shipping crisis or a national disaster (and who can blame us, with stats that reflect less than 9 days of food in the state to feed the population should something like this occur) but the next time you cook think about that 40% waste factor. Even if you’ve got a compost going. Let’s see how much we can decrease wasting precious food while so many go hungry.


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