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Movie Night at Ward

I make films but rarely get to a theatre to enjoy movies the way they should be seen.  After last week’s experience seeing “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, I’m making a point of going to the movies more often because  in a big theatre with big sound and a gigantic screen there is nothing quite like this experience.  I had a great night at Ward Theatres watching David Fincher’s latest work.  If you can still catch this movie in a theatre, do. At Ward I valet parked (so easy) no crowding. Bought the popcorn and drinks (no line), sat in the second row balcony and it was sublime.  Fabulous sound system, no hassle getting in and out… there’s nothing like watching a movie in a real theatre.  As for David Fincher’s new film, I loved it. Angus Wall is his editor on other films (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network) and with Kirk Baxter they’ve cut a beautiful movie all filmmakers should check out. Not to short change Fincher’s keen eye for story structure, casting, and getting fantastic performances on screen, but I had wondered what the NewYork TImes article (Gavin Edwards) referred to when stating that Fincher was “unconventional” in his edit style.  It happens a few times as much as I could catch during the film as I was totally ensconced in the story and how Fincher juxtaposed the timeline of the novels to work for this film. Screenplay by Steve Zailian who I met a few times in LA. Genius of a screenwriter.  There’s a scene where Daniel Craig (plays Mikael Blomkvist and such better casting than the Swedish original film) enters a cafe.  He buys a cup of coffee and a pastry. Fincher’s editors cut out large chunks of time in this sequence, in between the action and it works. You see the initial action at the cafe counter, he orders and asks to buy a pack of cigarettes, a puff ,and then close up to his hand tossing the pack into the trash.  A kind of stop action that works. You get what that entire segment was about without really seeing it frame by frame.  I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend highly. If you saw the Swedish originals or read the triology you’ll still appreciate this new Hollywood version on the big screen. Nothing like it. Oh and get ready for the opening titles. Simply exquisite.

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