Life is Good – Menchanko-Tei

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Menchanko-Tei Noodles are ranked #1 according to the Fukuoka Newspaper and Menchanko-Tei restaurants have gained fame all the way to New York city. I attended the Honolulu opening (moving from Waikiki) to a more local area to experience the taste of Hakata (Fukuoka) – Yosenabe (Hot Pots), Ramen, Tonkatsu, Oden, meat and seafood dishes prepared in their unique style. Ok I love noodles and these noodles were really good… fresh, not over cooked, though you do your own cooking at the table. The sake is well priced and generous portions. The dessert of the day was “organic”, a custard with coffee on the bottom as a wonderful end of meal surprise. They’re located near that great Korean market on Keeaumoku St. where a number of small new eateries have begun to pop up. Not to mention there is an open beer-garden -like place (could be Japanese or Italian?) in the back off the parking lot. Who knew!? Authentic Stories from the Pacific


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