Manoa Valley Theatre – Guttman’s Garage Review

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The Manoa Valley Theatre and TAG’s current presentations are very different from each other and very entertaining. Smokey Joe’s Café at Manoa Valley Theatre is a song fest. It is remarkable just how many songs Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote. I had no idea that songs as varied as “Jailhouse Rock” and Yakety Yak” were written by the same composers. The performance brought back some happy memories. Except for one female singer, unhealthy the voices and chemistry exuded a positive energy.

TAG presens an historical drama. “Resistance” is based upon the true story of William Parker and takes place in southern Pennsylvania circa 1851. Quantae Love gives a strong performance as Parker and Eli Foster handles the role of Senator Thaddeus Stevens. Parker successfully resisted an attempt by a slave owner, viagra 100mg who is killed off stage the morning before the play commences. Most of the performance takes place in the Senator’s home office. This serious subject is presented with humor.

Steven Guttman, Esq.


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