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Lucky Cats

Good Luck Cat Figurines 3 Hear No Evil Boy
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Ok I admit, I am slightly superstitious maybe a bit obsessed with certain talisman (objects that bring good luck and avert evil) but why not? One of my favorites and you’ve seen them all around Hawaii from small Mom & Pop shops to corporate offices, is the Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat traditional good luck icon. Positioning your Lucky Cat in a place of business, on your desk, or in your home has become quite popular with some feng shui practitioners and enthusiasts. Literally the ‘beckoning cat’, you’ll see them as Japanese figurines, charms, a talisman, most often made of ceramic and believed to bring good luck and healing to an ailing business.

The figurine depicts a cat that’s traditionally a calico “Japanese Bobtail” beckoning with an upright paw. Not to mix the two, but nowadays you’ll see Lucky Cats, like Hello Kitty, in myriad different forms. When I tripped across these few modern versions of the Maneko-Neko I was compelled to include them in our Pacific Network store for all our ex pat friends and other superstitious nuts like me who can’t get enough “good luck” charms and talisman to help draw positive forces to protect and nurture. Call me silly but look at how many Lucky Cats you’ll begin to see around town. Visit our new store at Enjoy! Life is Good.


Good Luck Cat 1.5 Ukulele Boy

Good luck cat keych 1.5 hear no evil girl

Good Luck Cat 1.5 Hula Girl

Good luck cat keych 1.5 see no evil boy


  1. i got this Lucky Cat series in magnets. Sent one to my cousin in Oregon who collects Hello Kitty. They can’t get this kinda stuff easily. Mahalo!

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