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Stop Destroying the Yasuni Rainforest

Presidente de la Republica de Ecuador: Stop Destroying Yasuni Rainforest-“Something must remain for the Huaorani”. Please share this petition. Join the campaign. Created By Ome Gompote Kiwigimoni Huaorani
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The Huaorani are hunters and gatherers who live deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Their ancestral lands include the area now known as Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve. Yasuni is world-renowned for carbon-rich forests and extraordinary biological diversity, and is home to many endangered and endemic species. It is also home to the last known group of Indigenous people still living in voluntary isolation in Ecuador (the “uncontacted” Tagaeri and Taromenane families) but it is threatened by encroaching oil development, settlers and illegal loggers.

We, the Huaorani, have defended and protected Yasuni since before written history. Before ‘contact’ and the arrival of ‘the civilization’ and first oil company Texaco (now Chevron) around 1970, we defended our territory with hardwood spears. Now we, the ‘contacted’ Huaorani of Yasuni, are developing new ways to protect Ome, our rainforest that is our home and source of life.

We live in the Huaorani communities, Bameno, Boanamo and Wema. We have organized ourselves to work together to defend Yasuni and our culture and way of life – and make real the promise of rainforest conservation and human rights for Indigenous peoples in Yasuni, including the right of our uncontacted neighbors to live free in isolation in the forest. We call ourselves Ome Gompote Kiwigimoni Huaorani (We Defend Our Huaorani Territory), “Ome Yasuni.” With the help of Judith Kimerling, a professor at CUNY Queens College and author of Amazon Crude, and Luminita Cuna, who we met when she visited as a tourist, we launched this petition on, and we are asking for your help.

This is our petition: Something of this great rainforest territory must remain for us, the Huaorani, where we can continue to live freely and in accordance with our culture, without oil companies, settlers, roads, military and security forces, loggers, bureaucrats, or other outsiders damaging the forest or telling us how we should live. We need a legal title to our territory, and reforms to the laws of Ecuador to protect Ome and our right to live as we wish, as Huaorani.

Our fate and the fate of Yasuni are one. Without territory and self-determination, we cannot survive. Without the Huaorani to defend and care for her, the Yasuni Rainforest cannot survive.

Please watch video messages with English Subtitles at: (Ahua) (Kemperi) (Penti)

and sign our petition to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and his Ministerios.

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