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Sammy’s Beautiful Green Tree House

What child has not dreamed of living in a tree house… and in Hawaii?   Well without an introduction to Sam Stanbro just seeing what she has built in upcountry Hawaii Island is impressive. But to understand what she accomplished in spite of a special physical condition is to stand in awe.  Sharon “Sam” Stanbro first arrived in the Islands when she was 19.  As a young girl she was an avid equestrian. Forced to undergo major surgery at the age of 13 she was left without knee caps.  We met her while filming, PureLight Racing”, a local adaptive outrigger canoe paddling team headed by waterman, Aka Hemmings, a story I encourage you to view on – Sports Channel.  (This team is quickly becoming the model for worldwide interest in va’a as a sport for wheelchair-bound athletes. has been documenting the team for 8 months, excerpts used for viewing by the Paralympic Committee considering adaptive outrigger canoe paddling for the next international games. If you’d like to know more contact Johann Bouit at

Sam farms six acres in Holualoa, Big Island, on property once part of King Kamehameha’s terraced lands, where sweet potatoes and taro were grown. She lives in a beautiful home built from recycled materials. It’s a solar pole house which sits on 6 trees that serve as the structure’s foundation.  Sammy grows 13 different varieties of avocado, mango, and coffee on her farm. She uses a cell phone but lives without a land line and she has no computer.  Her home is an exquisite example of creative design, building, and sustainable living in Hawaii.

I can’t help but think that we all should be looking in this direction and finding ways to cut building costs by working with recycled materials and affordable sustainable water systems. I am certain that many people would opt to live in a home like Sam’s instead of a traditional apartment walk up.  The question is are they willing to work this hard to create it and maintain it.  Life is Good doesn’t mean living the good life has to cost more.  I think it means that Life is what you make of it.

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