Life is Good – Moiliili Underground Caves

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Who hasn’t heard about those “blind mullet” living underground in caves all through the Moiliili area? Almost everyone who grew up here has at one time, but few have ever been. James Grant Benton and Arnold Hiura had their creative hub, the “Mo’ili’ili Blind Fish Tank”, and Arnold Hiura was also part of this group who made a home in this hood, just about the time I began commuting from L.A. to Honolulu making my first film in the islands and I asked them the meaning of their company name. Then Uncle Boyce Rodrigues told me that the fresh water from Manoa and related valleys was still running to the sea via these waterways, but they were now covered with asphalt and long ago, the iconic Willows Restaurant would draw their fish ponds from this same water. When I saw these photos (courtesy of Cory Yap, I was thrilled. An actual photo of the limestone caves below ground, in part formed by an old coral reef and a whole lot of years of rain coursing from the Koolaus down to the seashore to create caves which are apparently accessible, but “they’re not telling”! (And that’s ok!) Who thought you could come to Hawaii to go spelunking!? Ya never know but…Life is Good


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