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Family Fun in Kahana

Kahana Valley State Park is the only state-owned ahupua‘a (the Hawaiian “pie shaped” system of land division that runs from the ocean to the mountain ridge) left in tact from prehistoric times. 

This is the perfect “natural museum”. You and your ohana can learn first hand what the  “Hawaiian way of life” before the first explorers visited the island of Oahu was really like.  The windward side of the Oahu is filled with fish ponds, taro farms, and archeological sites but nowhere will you find the whole package at one site.

The park includes archaeological discoveries, a prehistoric fishpond, fishing shrine, gardens, taro lo‘i and streams. It is also home to residents with historical ties to the valley. Information on the hiking trail is provided at the orientation center. Craft work demonstrations at the fishpond, taro lo‘i and the beach are numerous. Workshops and school tours can be booked and don’t be surprised if you run into the park caretakers who have generational ties to this valley. 

As you walk on the many adventure trails through out the park you will be walking the same pathways as the ancient Native Hawaiians. A hui hou!

For more information: call Renee Kamisugi, Program Coordinator, at 237 7767.
For more video visit Life is Good on the news channel at Pacific Network 

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