Cody’s First Puppy Luau… ala Beverly Hills

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Cody’s First Puppy Luau… ala Beverly Hills

Decked out in a sparkling Vintage Versace dress and a pair of dazzling Cartier white gold pendant earrings, celebutante Paris Hilton owns the red carpet. But her most prized accessory happens to have a little less shine and a lot more fur…and goes by the name of Tinkerbell.

Paris’ “teacup chihuahua” has quickly learned how to extenuate her more notable features for those Paparazzi candids as a top dog in the celebrity world. Tinkerbell helped coin the term purse dog and has even made it into one of Paris’ very sorry mugshots.

If it’s not Paris’ Tinkerbell, then it’s Hungarian actress/icon Zsa Zsa Gabor and her shih tzus or Oprah Winfrey’s springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren (to whom Oprah bequeathed $30 million).

But Puppy Power hour doesn’t stop there. Animal lovers worldwide have stepped out from behind the shadows of these sassy celebs and can now openly agree that it’s time they too pamper their pets.

The same feeling’s shared back in the Islands where tails are wagging because of pet owners like Debbie Oshiro who hosted her version of a baby’s first luau. She recently celebrated her chihuahua’s first birthday at Aloha Tower with 12 of his other mini-pooch friends.

“I’m doing this because I love my dog so much, and he’s such a great dog,” Debbie said with a heart-filled grin.

Some may say this is much more than puppy love. Cody’s party guests munched on imported treats from the doggie biscuit buffet, trotted through French-inspired décor and quenched themselves out of water-filled champagne glasses. Not to mention the run of the entire back section of Aloha Tower Market Place rented by Debbie for the entire day. Lunch for the big people was catered by Gordon Biersch while the lucky canine guests (all chihuahuas except for the twins — two long haired dachshunds) enjoyed their own fare. Bow Wow! Life is Good!

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