Life is Good – Brazil’s Indians Evicted

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Brazil’s Indians Evicted
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Mahalo to Jonathan Watts ( for his coverage on Brazil running out of time to prep for FIFA’s World Cup event. Stadiums are far behind schedule. The £300m renovation of the Maracanã was to have been presented to Fifa last month, but after storms and floods installation of seating and roofing has been postponed to 24 May, just nine days before a scheduled game with England. Meanwhile, Brazilian riot police are busy evicting indigenous people near Rio’s Maracanã stadium.

Hosts of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil, react harshly. Photo is of a supporter of the indigenous community arrested outside the Brazilian Indian museum in Rio de Janeiro. (Photo by: Sergio Moraes/Reuters). Brazilian riot police are armed with batons, tear gas and pepper spray while they forcibly evict an indigenous community from a dilapidated museum complex next to the Maracanã football stadium. The forced relocation, leading to arrests and accusations of brutality, comes amid growing pressure on the hosts of the next World Cup to accelerate preparations that have fallen far behind schedule. (Does this remind us of any other “world games” held in China who managed clean up of neighboring areas near their newly built Olympic stadium in similar fashion?)

The museum has been the focus of a protracted legal battle between squatters, who claim the site should be used to promote indigenous culture, and the municipal authorities, who want to knock down a graffiti-covered eyesore before the world’s attention moves to Rio de Janeiro.

“It was shocking,” said Ingrid Paul, an Argentinian who has lived in the community for the past three weeks. “The police were obviously preparing for a fight. They came in with masks at 2:30am. We were all affected by the gas, even a three-year-old child.”
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