Life is Good – A Bee-utiful Idea

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Photo Courtesy of The Best Bees Company

Using empty space on your rooftop, in the backyard, even on the lanai or patio of your apartment, you can create a home for honey bees. Soon you’ll be collecting your own “backyard honey” and beeswax while helping to sustain these little creatures who are so essential in making the world go ’round as they pollinate fruits, flowers and vegetables.

It’s easy to create and preserve habitats for bees. Plant flowers, spread indigenous seeds in your local area, build a home for bees. If you have the space, and you only need a 2 – 3 foot area, you can also plant floral essences nearby that will naturally enhance the honey the bees will begin to make. Lavender, thyme, orange blossom. If you don’t have land or a space to start, consider “seed bombing” along a road and highway by throwing a handful of native seeds. The more flowers we have growing, the more pollinators will benefit. Remember, we need bees, butterflies and other pollinators to sustain the natural environment.

Look for shady areas less ideal for growing or even consider your rooftop (check with your local beekeeping groups as to whether permits are needed to utilize your roof.) There are local bee preservation groups beginning to form as schools, organizations, and a number of hotels have started similar projects to help save bees and to enhance their vegetable and flower gardens. Here in Hawaii there is one expert in particular who comes to mind, a Dr. Michael Kliks PhD. at the University of Hawaii. We’ll get his interview up so you may hear what he has to say about the state of honey bees.

A great article full of “how to’s” and “why” it’s a good thing to create a habitat to Help the Bees, can be found in Houzz. Enjoy!–Honey–Beekeeping-Anywhere-for-Fun–Food-and-Good-Deeds

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