Life is Good – “Lady Chinky Eyes”!

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“Lady Chinky Eyes“!

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When I was 15 my parents were wonderfully farsighted. They allowed me to go with kids from Stevenson Intermediate and Punahou to perform in what was then Moscow and Leningrad, back in the good ol’ USSR.  We were part of a youth orchestra and then five of us performed separately (Yvonne Elliman, Janie DeNeve and her two twin brothers, and me) on Russian television.  I recall we did some classic folksong and Yvonne was introduced to Europe and she went on to her fab career well deserved.  Back from Russia we had stopped in London and I will never forget the incident I experienced which brings me to this article in the NY Daily News.  My experience was as a naive teenage girl walking on Carnaby Street gazing into the shop windows full of mannequins made to resemble Twiggy, the uber famous British model of her era, when a well dressed man in a very thick British accent passed me by and said “… Oh a chinky girl… sayonara”.  I was so shocked.  What an idiot, he didn’t even know the diff between Japanese and Chinese.  Anyway, I totally stopped in my tracks. So when I saw this recent article in the NY Daily News  ( I was reminded.

Now decades later, here is this girl who has a similar experience but she happens to be in public relations, tweets the receipt, and that employee is toast.  Papa John’s is not responsible, the owner of that franchise fired the employee and will offer “sensitivity training” to his staff.  The internet has altered our lives in so many ways. This is yet another.

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  1. Interesting. I had a similar experience when I was in Europe. Everywhere I go, people would greet me “ni hao” even though I’m not Chinese.

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