Life is Good – Jon Hamblin at Cafe Che

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Jon Hamblin at Cafe Che

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One of the most interesting gallery shows I’ve seen is up at Cafe Che Pasta. The work is by painter, Jon Hamblin, who has been creating drawings, hanging sculpture, prints, paintings in acrylic, graphite, metal, mixed media, wood and likely anything he fancies at the time of inspiration. Whether abstract or figurative even his most whimsical imagery contains universal messages (at times quite literal ones) embedded in fields of brightly colored very approachable visuals and full of humor and irony. See his show up close and personal at Cafe Che Pasta (1001 Bishop St., ground floor, 524.0004) where owner, Marc Cohen, continues to turn his restaurants into local galleries (for the past 20 years). Book lunch and enjoy both the paintings and pasta. Bravo to both.

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