I’ll See You in My Dreams – Review by S. Guttman

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I’ll See You in My Dreams is an adult film about the importance of having a dog in your life. Blythe Danner plays the lead, salve Carol, treatment a widow for 20 years. Carol’s dog of 14 years has to be put to sleep. Shortly afterwards, pills she has her first date since her husband’s passing. We learn more and more about Carol as the story unfolds. Prior to getting married she’d been a performer with a band in NYC. After her marriage her life focused on being a spouse and a teacher. We learn more about Carol through a relationship she develops with her pool cleaner, Lloyd, played by Martin Starr, who gives an excellent performance as a young male adrift and seeking some intelligent conversation. On screen for far too short a time is Carol’s daughter, Katherine (Malin Akerman). Carol spends a lot of time with three female friends who reside at a senior assisted living facility. They play bridge and sip chardonnay. The friends are played by Rhea Perlman, Mary Kay Place and June Squibb. The ladies play off each other with humor and intelligence. All appear to be in good health and, it’s implied, their financial comfort stems from having significant life insurance proceeds. As to what gives this film its true charm is the interaction between Carol and Bill, played excellently by Sam Elliot. Bill is a retiree with no family who has moved from Texas to Southern California with the singular task of enjoying life and spending his retirement money. The adult exchanges between Carol and Bill are too rarely seen in today’s film offerings. Brett Haley co-wrote and directed this excellent 95 minute film. Although the movie gets a bit wordy at times, it addresses an important question: what do you do with your life after you retire? This is a movie worth seeing.

Steven Guttman

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