Life is Good – Iceland Forgives Mortage Debts!?

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Iceland Forgives Mortage Debts!?

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This we picked up from what looks like teleSUR, an Ecuador news channel. But for some odd reason the video will not play. The best I can do is to grab a screen shot and share, if you have not heard this interesting bit of global news.

The government of Iceland has decided to forgive mortgage debts as part of its economic recovery, an unorthodox way to remedy the economic crisis in their country.  As reported in this video story, the Icelandic government “listened to the population’s demand and put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused, three years after the bail out by the International Monetary Fund.”  Iceland’s government actually has forgiven the majority of the population’s mortgage debts in response to citizen’s demand.

Really? If this stops Iceland from going the route of Greece and her other Euro neighbors… fantastic. Difficult to understand but could work. Let’s watch and see. Life is Good…

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