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I Love Shark’s Cove

If you’ve never taken your kids or grandkids to Shark’s Cove for an afternoon of sheer heaven or you can’t remember the last time you honored the “child in you” and took a day off just to enjoy living in Hawaii, come on.  Life is too precious to keep putting off playing hookie. Take that short 45 minute ride out to the North Shore.  Only minutes away our North Shore is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and you ought to soak it up.  You can swim, surf, collect seashells, zone out in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun, snorkel with exotic fish, turtles, catch a glimpse of dolphins doing their thing in their natural habitat… and all of this can be experienced in the next generation with your support. We must protect the shorelines and Pupukea – Waimea marine life from disappearing.

Malama Pupukea is a small organization of folks who make a difference and their mantra is to “Be Part of the Solution”.  I support their efforts because my childhood memories are all about the North Shore. My Uncle Tenney’s dad had the ranch up at the top of Pupukea. Cowboys and ponies, wild quail and pheasant dotted the green expanse, and all of this in front of the backdrop of giant surf crashing below at Waimea Bay. Those memories inspired me to make the film Paniolo O Hawaii.  My friend, Maxine, would also invite me to her family’s place right on Pupukea Point, where her dad, big wave surfer, Max Lim, and his friend who was another early big wave surfer and still a strong North Shore advocate, Peter Cole, managed to preserve much of the area way back in the 1970s.  Since then Pupukea – Waimea has accommodated millions of visitors and locals and it needs your help.

Malama Pupukea Waimea is always looking for volunteers. On Saturdays you can meet the organizers and other volunteers who educate visitors, help ensure the public’s safety by pointing out highlights and hazards, conduct surveys, and contribute overall to the health and well being of the Pupukea marine life conservation district. You can make a difference and while enjoying this spectacular area.  If you’re willing and interested contact Drew, John, or Denise at Life is Good.  Let’s ensure it’s as good for the next generations.

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