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Hello Kitty!

I didn’t become a fan until I was way too old to wear a Hello Kitty skirt, t-shirt, socks, and cap over my Hello Kitty hair band but when they started making these hip faux designer watches and I am now old enough not to care what other people think, I am there. I have finally given in to my quiet obsession and love wearing my new white Chanel -like- Hello Kitty watch. My fascination with this line of clothing, cosmetics, dolls, back packs, purses, school supplies, kitchen appliances, household items, furniture, branded Fender guitars, Smartcars, Sephora makeup, even jet planes and more… has only escalated with every new product that’s released. When the current Hello Kitty designer was in Honolulu we captured an interview with her and since then I have become a #1 fan. Absolutely captivated by the character’s appeal to young girls, boys (one of our cameramen said he has always been a Hello Kitty collector), and adults like me, I can’t get enough. Although I don’t buy all the stuff (the Hello Kitty hand mirror is yet another co-branded product, this one made with Sirkowski crystals, retails around $350) I must admit the idea of driving a Hello Kitty mobile home is intriguing. Here is just a small sampling of the myriad items that are manufactured by Sanrio, nothing short of Disney’s phenomenon, Mickey Mouse, only Hello Kitty was designed purposely without a mouth. She (He?) does not speak. Check out our video to hear why.
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