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dog park(Mahalo to Wendy Mah from Sirius Puppy Training for these great tips!)

The growing number of dog parks in Hawaii is a positive move on the behalf of dogs and dog lovers. It is becoming much more common to find a dog park in an area near you. Many dogs and their human companions can be found several times a week frequenting the local dog park socializing with both two and four legged friends. Unfortunately along with all the friendly socializing and fun romping there comes a darker side to dog parks. Dogs have been injured and killed at parks. Some tips on how to have a safe and enjoyable time when at a dog park.

1.Use the park as a reward for some good controlled walks. If you have to drive to a dog park, erectile unload your dog from the car and take him for a walk around the neighborhood before going into the park. This way your dog burns off some of his pent up energy on a controlled walk. This focused walk practices self control and the ability to take cues from the owner.

2.Before opening the gate and stepping through, cialis watch what is going on in the park. Are the dogs that are in the park playing well or is there a dog or two that are bullying other dogs in the park? Are the owners paying attention to their dogs or are they socializing among themselves unaware of what is going on around them?

3.If all seems well…enter.

4.If not…go home. You’ve had a nice walk with your dog. He has gotten out and exercised. You may have missed a day at the park but avoided a potential bad ending to your day, drug e.g. dog fight or worst dog or human injury. Come back tomorrow things may be better the next day.

5.If you are already in the park and a new dog enters and the energy of the park instantly changes, and not for the better, get your dog and go home. You may have cut your dog’s time at the park a little short but you will once again go home on a good note.

6.Be courteous to your fellow dog park users. Watch your dog at all times. Clean up after your dog if he poops. Don’t let your dog pounce or roll another dog that seems a bit shy, uncertain or is much smaller than yours. If a commotion breaks out grab your dog so that he does not join in on the commotion.

Do not be deterred from going and enjoying your neighborhood dog park but do go smartly. Go with a dog that has burned off his energy. Do not go to burn off your dog’s energy because you can not walk him under control. Be aware of the tone of the play in the park. Be responsible with your own dog by watching him when you are in the park. Do not over stay your time at the park. As an informed consumer of a dog park…enjoy!

– Previously published in the July/August issue of Hawaii Pet Magazine. Learn more at www.hawaiipetmagazine.com 


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