The Saloniere – Raw Milk Underground Intro

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On a recent Saturday in Washington DC, proponents of lemonade stands and raw milk protested current governmental policies regulating their respective sales, and, in an act of civil disobedience, sold both.  In Indiana this summer, the State Board of Animal Health held a virtual public hearing on raw milk for a comprehensive study intended to inform it’s policy-making for 2013.  In Missouri earlier this month, after a legal battle lasting more than three years, a dairy farmer won the right to continue producing and selling raw milk, under the condition that customers pre-order.  And in Hawai’i, where raw milk sales are illegal, anecdotal evidence suggests a growing number of families participating in an underground economy, yet unmeasured.

What’s up with raw milk?  Join us for a 3 part series as we delve into the claims and controversy around raw milk, the dedication of its loyalists, and whether the growing movement in Hawai’i can help lead a turnaround out of the ashes of a once-thriving state-wide dairy industry.


  1. @0ba52514bb8397ccf4394b8032311558:disqus: Stay tuned – this is just the introduction for a 3 part series looking at the issues around raw milk that we will be posting in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi, this might be a very naive question but I was wondering why there is so much controversy over raw milk? What’s the worst that could happen and if not contagious why control what people ingest? It should be their prerogative to feed their families what they choose.

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