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“Fury” is a WWII film starring Brad Pitt. Timeline: Spring 1945. The Allies have crossed the German border but Germany’s war defense effort remains substantial. Pitt’s character, prostate Sgt. Don Collier, look is a tank commander. Collier’s tank is the sole survivor from an encounter. Like Saving Sargent Ryan, order war is shown in all its brutality. There is also a sense of Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards. The tank’s crew is diverse. Michael Pena is Gordo, Jon Bernthal is Grady Travis, the Southerner and Shia LeBeouf gives an Oscar quality performance as the Bible quoting Christian. The counterpoint character is a private, played by Logan Lerman who is assigned to the crew as they head into another battle. He is presented as an intellectual who has read Hemingway and plays classical piano. The film was written and directed by David Ayer. The battle scenes have a realism that propels the movie. The film’s title is taken from the word painted on the tank’s main gun. Veterans of war speak of the savagery of battle and the need to act with decency once the fighting has ended. My father did not watch war movies because he found their treatment of war silly and unrealistic. I think he’d find this 134 minute film to be the exception.

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