Life is Good – Fireflies from De Lign

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Fireflies from De Lign

I’ve posted some of these animated commercials before. Created by a company in Belgium whose client is the public Bus system, De Lign, the execution and writing is so well done. It makes me ask again, why did the State of Hawaii not see film and animation as a good investment? To build a facility that encourages doing animation in Hawaii is an obvious win. We have so much talent here but no place to work. Find an animator anywhere in the U.S. and beyond, who wouldn’t want to live and work here while major studios produce more and more innovative animation product. We could see a booming industry that would be good for the environment and for local students. It worked for countries like Ireland, Korea, and China is doing some incredible animation these days. We seem to finance sports yet very little attention is given to the arts industries that have proven advantageous in many cities that are also travel destinations.


  1. KCC has educated many talented animators who have won awards for their work. We have local animators who want to stay here and work. Yes, it is an industry worth attracting.

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