Calendar – Dylanesque To Perform Again

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Blowin’ In The Wind Like A Rolling Stone (cuz) The Times They Are A-Changin’. If the mere mention of just a smidgin of Bob Dylan’s songwriting genius takes you instantly back to your youth, join the crowd of baby boomers, the largest demo in America at this time. Though our generation is known to include millions of independent, free thinking, bra burning, hookah smokin’ renegades born during the Post– World War II boom (between 1946 and 1964) and we’re not bent on “joining” too much of anything (well certainly we’re known for rejecting and scrutinizing traditional values) we now have kids and grandchildren of our own and isn’t it a shame that they don’t have the music we rocked to, cried to, celebrated and died to. But hold on, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t capture all of that again as we course toward our golden years.

This band of artists and musicians performed at KHPR’s Atherton Performing Arts Studio, to pay tribute to Dylan and other 1960s composers. Jon Osorio and Sonny Silva put together this special ensemble who will be performing again in town. More details forthcoming so keep in touch and catch Sonny and Jon, Yvonne Elliman, Sandy Tsukiyama, Willow Chang, Patrick Goodrich, Allen Alexander, Chris Vandercook, Joshua Kaye, Aaron Aranita, Edgy Lee, Ernie Provencher, Jonathan Sypert, Bill Sage, and other guests to be announced.

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