Cafe Society – Film Review by Guttman

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“Café Society”, Yes it’s a Woody Allen film and Allen is the narrator as well as writer/director, the best comedy he’s done in years. There are some brilliant lines that will have you laughing out loud. The events take place “in the 1930’s”. We are never given a precise year, and though the story appears to stretch over more than 10 years, the film never leaves the 30’s. The fact that America was in the midst of The Depression is never referenced. Rather, the focus is on Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), the younger son of a New York City jeweler. The film opens with Bobby moving to Hollywood where his uncle Phil (Steve Carell) is a successful talent agent. We then meet Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), Phil’s secretary, and various stereotype Hollywood personalities. As the story unfolds, we meet Bobby’s immediate family, his sister Evelyn (Sari Lennick), a school teacher; and older brother Ben (Corey Stroll), a gangster. The first half of the film is set in Hollywood. The second half takes us back to New York, primarily in the nightclub owned by Ben and managed by Bobby, who’s returned to the Big Apple. One could riff on the inconsistency between the life styles vs what was occurring in America at the time, but Allen clearly just wants to amuse his audience. This 96 minute movie addresses relationships in a style that viewers of Allen’s films have come to expect. Eisenberg gives an excellent performance. As expected the musical score is superb. If you have ever enjoyed a Woody Allen movie, you should see this film. You will leave the theatre with a smile.

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