Life is Good: Blue Winks – It Takes Friends

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Blue Winks – It Takes Friends

The message we see in this beautiful video is all about symbiosis, living in harmony with others, because when you work together everybody wins.  In the words of the great Native Hawaiian scholar, Mary Kawena Pukui, who preserved daily proverbs and sayings,  ‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.  No task is too big when done together by all.

This is true about making films.  It takes lots of talented people working in tandem.  Two of the most talented and gutsy filmmakers I know are Peter and Rachel Schneider whose collaboration and expertise of 20 years in underwater photography and cinematography have yielded high art. And the best kind of art because their work educates and preserves the planet’s indigenous cultures and environments.

They live in French Polynesia but have shot all over the Pacific Ocean and have clocked thousands of hours of shark and manta ray footage. If you’re interested in seeing more Blue Winks please let us know and we’ll make this a regular series.

Peter and Rachel are dedicated to preserving the oceans and their last doc film, “Sharks of Rangiroa” is not to be missed.  Even though I have enjoyed a bowl of shark’s fin soup on those rare special occasions I now think twice about encouraging the practice. In their film you see hundreds of sharks up close and personal in their natural habitat and you do not sense danger.  The filmmakers have their own explanation for why they believe sharks have been involved in attacks against divers and their documentation on the subject is impressive.  As China creates a middle class more families can afford to serve the prestigious shark’s fin soup as a kind of mark of status, so at weddings, graduations, and other celebrations the expensive dish (thousands are spent on a single fin) is now in demand more than ever and shark finning has increased 100 fold.  Viewing is not for folks who easily get queasy at the sight of blood so be warned.  The story however is worth your attention.

To see more of their incredible underwater film visit Water on Pacific Network’s Science Channel. 

To purchase copies of the Blue Winks series and a copy of their doc film, Sharks of Rangiroa, please visit Pacific Network’s Store.

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