Pacific Network is an internet network streaming hundreds of unique channels of original HD (high definition) videos, films, original programs, cultural news, entertainment, and vintage television from Hawaii’s first TV station, KGMB. We provide what’s happening in Hawaii and the Pacific from extreme water sports, to food & wine, arts, travel, health, science, education and green sustainable innovations all provided free to the public.

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Is this a TV network or a website? is both. Actually, we’re even more. We produce most of everything what you see. We provide content for television and you can watch us on your computer, flat screen TV, and some Subscribers access our network webisodes on their cell phones. We are what’s called New Media. We also provide articles, radio shows, blog commentaries, and movies on demand. Some of our programs are interactive. You affect the outcome of the show and you create your own TV

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Films and TV series are available to rent or purchase by using our video on demand feature. Icons on the site show you where this is available. Contact us if you want to learn more.

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We’re interested in all things Pacific Rim, Hawaii and Native Hawaiian, cultural and environmental issues in and about the Pacific region, and we are very interested in other indigenous cultures, preservation and conservation of the environment, endangered species, and global sustainability.

How do I comment?

Every channel provides a link to FaceBook and Twitter, and Connections is a social networking channel attached to the network. You can contact our news desk or talk to a producer. Viewers can submit comments, upload videos and photos, and communicate with other viewers. Audience involvement and interaction are integral to the format. This is your network.

How can I support is sustained through subscriptions, advertising, underwriters, sponsors and media alliances. If you have a business, contact us about advertising rates and partnerships. If you are an individual interested in supporting continued free streaming of programs please visit the Store at

Who is

We are a group of professionals most of whom reside in Hawaii. Our field reporters are in Tokyo, Borneo, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Washington and Washington D.C., and Boston. Friends with cameras and a good story contribute from anywhere and everywhere. We broadcast weekly rotations of new video stories. Some programs link to sources, additional videos, blogs, and related articles. Video on demand is available for most feature films and series. is the nexus for Hawaiian and Pacific themed programming and information distributed to the world. While Pacific Network’s mission is to connect people to people and to encourage business in this part of the world we also encourage greater understanding of Hawaii’s native culture and history and our islands’ delicate environment.

Communication is how we’ll send our messages to help preserve this beautiful corner of the world so we also focus on youth with space and time devoted to educational materials. We depend on your support and encourage membership subscriptions (visit the Store) to sustain free broadcast on the Internet to a global audience. So log on, sign in, and enjoy the first Internet network of its kind, – the Native Hawaiian Portal to the World

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