Life is Good – 200 lbs of Meat Per Person?!

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200 lbs of Meat Per Person?!

I love Mother Jones which I read on line as often as I can take the time to brush up on what the left of left thinkers are dishing these days, one of the best sources for what’s going on in the nation with respect to our food and farming, is any article by Tom Philpott, a national blogger (Food For Thought – Food + Farming). He can be found at

As Philpotts puts it, “In other words, we nonvegans need to prepare ourselves and our children for radically different diets in the coming decades—eating about a quarter of the meat, eggs, cheese, etc. we now do. Rather than relying heavily on animals for protein, we’ll have to learn to consume much more of what we now feed animals: legumes and grains.”

If you ask me, that’s good news. We can all use less red meat in our diets and definitely a whole lot less gas. Excuse me, but I refer to meat production, the world’s biggest generator of “climate-changing gases” with hundreds of thousands of cattle chewing and mooing their way through life eating and farting day after day, penned up and waiting to be slaughtered just for our dining pleasure. Perhaps the old adage “less is more” may in fact save us from our selves. Life is Good.


  1. whatevahs. leave me to my big mac,loco moco three eggs and rice with extra gravy, and a good new york medium rare.

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