Neighbors – Guttman’s Garage Review

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Neighbors: a comedy. The opening scenes introduce us to a young couple, Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) and their baby daughter. They’ve just bought a house and shortly after they move into their new home, the house next door is sold to a college fraternity. The setup is obvious and at times the script delivers. Whether the film will work for you for 96 minutes is the question. If you like slapstick, you’ll be okay. As for me, I found the characters one dimensional and the married couple’s behavior unrealistic. Neighbors is a Netflixer and not worth the cost of a movie ticket. I might have enjoyed the film more sans baby (you just don’t leave a baby home alone) and a lot occurs at the frat house while the baby is left alone. This was a distraction as were the scenes of Mac at work. I also found the chemistry among the frat brothers, odd. Zac Efron gives a good performance as Teddy, the president of the fraternity. Dave Franco plays the second in command, Pete. Unfortunately, the film offers only hints of what could have been an interesting story about two college seniors. A possible nominee for Worse Supporting Actress in a Comedy is Lisa Kudrow as the college dean. The only other female with any substantive lines is Carla Gallo as Kelly’s divorced friend. The scenes with Gallo are funny. Hannibal Buress, who plays a police officer, also offers some humorous moments. The movie is directed by Nicholas Stoller.

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