Hawaii Pet Magazine – Hello Kitty & Sanrio Shiba Inu

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A few days ago, our friends at Shiba Inu Hawaii posted a picture of a Hello Kitty doll wearing a Shiba Inu hat. Growing up in Hawaii, we are fanatic Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans, so this new item was on our list of must-haves. Unfortunately, no one in the club (or on our staff) could find the item online using a variety of searches.

Fast-forward to yesterday. We’re driving down Waialae Avenue heading to Kahala Mall and the car in front of us has a Hello Kitty Shiba Inu plush cruising in the rear window of the car.

What to do? Flash our high beams like a stalker so they pull over? Honk the horn, wave frantically and yell ‘Shiba Inu’ out the window?

In the midst of our deliberations, we lost the car near Kahala Mall. Crushed, we drove aimlessly around the mall parking lot until we remembered — there’s a Sanrio store at the mall!

Sure enough, with the store staff”s help, we found a few Shiba Inu Sanrio items at Sanrio Surprises at Kahala Mall.

They also have super cute Hawaiian Humane Society Sanrio t-shirts featuring Hello Kitty and animal friends. Only $22 and available in a variety of sizes.

We found a bunch of Hello Kitty plush dolls dressed as cats and dogs, but unfortunately could not find the elusive Shiba Inu Hello Kitty. The search continues…

{ Check out this interview with Hello Kitty’s head designer during a recent trip to Honolulu. }


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